Failure Isolation

Part 5 of my “Responsible Microservices” series is live! Should that be a Microservice? Part 5: Failure Isolation In the first part of this series, we laid out a set of principles to help you understand when microservices can be a useful architectural choice. We promised follow-up pieces describing each of the factors in more detail. In the fifth post of the series, we explore failure isolation. Digital products don’t live alone.

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From Developer to Software Architect

Responsible Microservices

Full Abstract Responsible Microservices These days, you can’t swing a dry erase marker without hitting someone talking about microservices. Developers are studying Eric Evan’s prescient book Domain Driven Design. Teams are refactoring monolithic apps, looking for bounded contexts and defining a ubiquitous language. And while there have been countless articles, videos, and talks to help you convert to microservices, few have spent any appreciable time asking if a given application should be a microservice.

Evolving to Cloud Native

Full Abstract Evolving to Cloud Native Every organization has at least a phalanx or two in the “Cloud” and it is, understandably changing the way we architect our systems. But your application portfolio is full of “heritage” systems that hail from the time before everything was as a service. Not all of those applications will make it to the valley beyond, how do you grapple with your legacy portfolio? This talk will explore the strategies, tools and techniques you can apply as you evolve towards a cloud native future.

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